Android passes iOS in advertising traffic

For the first time, Android devices were responsible for the majority of ad views on mobile devices, leaving iOS behind. Even so, Apple’s system still brings the most money.

Data from Opera Mediaworks reveal that in the first three months of the year Android had 42.83% of ad traffic against 38.17% of iOS – Windows Phone was left with only 0.18%, less than Symbian (5.83%) and BlackBerry ( 1.14%).

In compensation, iOS retains 52.27% of revenues, while Android keeps 33.46%, an improved percentage compared to 26.72% in the last quarter of 2013.

Among Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, Samsung is by far the brand that generates the most advertising traffic, with a 60.22% share. Then there are LG (11.11%), Motorola (5.73%), HTC (3.32%) and ZTE (2.59%).

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