Android and iOS apps will have full screen video ads

Android and iOS users can prepare themselves: in the near future, ads that will occupy the entire screen of the mobile phone will start popping up within the free applications offered on these platforms.

In the case of Apple, the feature was announced in August, called iAd. The ad may pop up on the screen when the app is open, or during internal screen transitions in the app. That is, as soon as you pass some phases of a game, you may have to watch a short video to continue playing.

Google unveiled on Monday, 29, a new advertising platform is coming to Android soon, allowing the ad to fit any screen size. The videos will be served by a platform called TrueView, which only pays the developer when the ad is not skipped. That’s right, you can skip advertising, as on YouTube.

The new advertising formats should only be available for some free applications, which are the majority of apps downloaded by users. Be at the discretion of the developer if he would prefer to use these more invasive methods of advertising or resort to other forms of monetization.

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