Analysis: ICQ is as good as WhatsApp

One of the oldest communication tools on the internet, ICQ was forgotten until launching version 8 this week, which put it on an equal footing with products like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Skype. The possibility of connecting via a phone number, making video calls, exchanging stickers, among other things, gave more weight to ICQ, but is it worth downloading it?

The ICQ good. On the smartphone, it works quickly and without choking. It has a clean look and features that currently need to be on a communicator: individual chat, group chat, video, exchange of images and videos, a good variety of sticker packs (including a meme meme that makes the conversation more interesting).

D to chat with anyone who does not use the application, free of charge, because the contact receives an SMS with the content. And the answer comes in ICQ, not in the device’s standard app. There is also the possibility to send any type of file, be it PDF, DOC, JPG etc.

It is possible to download the ICQ on the computer or use the service via the browser and also talk to Facebook contacts via it. Those who have a website can make ICQ available through a plug-in and use it to increase traffic and visitors’ permanence.

All of this, and if you’re in your 25s, you’ll still enjoy hearing the nostalgic “oh-ow” whenever you receive a message. ICQ only has one serious problem: the user base. The service can be very useful on the desktop, but on mobile phones the competition is very fierce, mainly because the market has a dominant service that is WhatsApp.

When I downloaded ICQ, I had to ask friends to download it too so that I could test it out. The general reaction was positive, but most people depend on another application to reach out to contacts.

You can risk that it poses a danger to WhatsApp, but it’s hard to imagine that one day there will be so much strength to dethrone it. Although, with the release of the current version, ICQ reached the top in app stores, with 100 records per minute in Brazil alone … is that a start?

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