After Thor woman, Marvel will have black Captain America

Marvel announced on Tuesday that one of its oldest superheroes, Thor, would pass the hammer on to a woman, who would continue her legacy. Now it is the turn of Steve Rogers, Captain America, to hand over his shield to an old friend who takes his place: Sam Wilson, the Falco, who is black.

This will happen after issue 21 of the series “Capito Amrica”, in which one of the villagers facing Steve, called Iron Nail, manages to suck from his body the serum that made him a super soldier, causing him to age instantly (after all, he fought in World War II) and lose out.

Whoever saves Capito from death and becomes the new Capito Amrica is an old ally called Falco, who uses mechanical wings to fly, having previously helped Capito and belonged to the Avengers team.

The new Captain America will not have the Super Soldier serum, whose “prescription” was lost after Steve Rogers received it, but will continue to use his Falco wings, in addition to being able to communicate with birds. You lose the super-strength, you gain the ability to fly and track enemies with animals. wait to see how it will work in practice.

Steve Rogers will be like a tutor for Wilson, teaching him how to handle the shield for attack, defense and launch from a distance, in addition to using his knowledge to assist Wilson from a distance, from the Avengers meek, in a similar way to what Bruce Wayne does in the futuristic series “Batman Beyond”.

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