Acquired by Apple, Beats is banned from the Cup by FIFA

Not only are World Cup players wearing Beats headphones; so many that FIFA decided to forbid them from entering the stadiums with something of the brand, which recently was bought by Apple $ 3 billion.

It turns out that Sony, competitor of Beats, official sponsor of the event that takes place in Brazil and had been facing free marketing from the adversary, since strong names of the Cup, like the Brazilian Neymar and the Englishman Wayne Rooney, walk from side to side with the Beats headphones.

Because of the agreement with Sony, FIFA demanded that players remain without headphones in stadiums and during events with the press, according to Reuters. But this is good news for the brand that now belongs to Apple.

Marketing experts say the market realizes that players still prefer Beats, as they continue to use the brand’s headphones when they can, taking them out only in times of prohibition.

But Beats already knew this, as a specialist in the so-called guerrilla marketing, the “unintentionally”, so much so that during the London Olympics in 2012, it sent thousands of headsets to the main players for free, bearing in mind that it would gain advertising without paying nothing to the Olympic Committee.

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