8 out of 10 Brazilians have no idea what video on demand is

You accompanying theDigital Lookalready close to ‘on demand’ video services – on demand – (kind of online video store) and you are probably used to using them to watch movies and series. But know that 79% of Brazilians are simply unaware of the concept that keeps growing on the internet.

which points to the 20th edition of the PopTVTV survey, conducted by Ibope with 18 thousand people in 13 Brazilian metropolises. Only 20% of respondents said they were familiar with VOD and, of these, only 2% said they used the service.

NET argues to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper that the name of the segment in English is not widespread in Brazil, which may have caused confusion among the participants. In any case, the result of the study indicates that companies in this promising area, led by Netflix, may need to review their media positions.

Via: FSP

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