5 tech series you should watch

Technology is becoming increasingly part of people’s daily lives and, as such, has also become part of contemporary cultural production, with films and series that reflect this moment of humanity.

Below are some television programs (from fiction only), which try to show a little of the new technological culture.

The Big Bang Theory

Starting with it to get it out of the way, because most people already know it, so successful worldwide. It is a series that basically portrays the entire nerd / geek universe, covering comics, movies, series, but, more importantly for this list, it also includes the universes of games, technology such as robotics and the most common technological products of everyday life and science , covering subjects related to physics, mathematics and astronomy. All curated by professionals so as not to insult the real experts in the areas.

IT Crowd

Much less known than Big Bang Theory, but not inferior, IT Crowd is a British humor, often bordering on non-sense, which reflects the life of information technology professionals. The characters find themselves in common situations in support of the common user, often without any knowledge of how to interact with a computer. Like many professionals in the field, sometimes the protagonists are undervalued and lose interest in the work, to the point of recording a tape with orientations from the support, such as “Have you tried turning it on and off?” and “are you sure everything is connected correctly?” to automatically answer the user’s questions.

Silicon ValleyPlay
Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones knows the quality standard of the HBO and Silicon Valley series is no different. The humourous series takes place, as its name says, in the teeming environment of Silicon Valley startups, with countless micro-technology companies emerging every day with the promise of “making the world a better place”, which the program is all about to irony whenever possible. The series follows the trajectory of an introverted, but brilliant young man, in an attempt to score his data compression software.

Black Mirror

Escaping from humor, Black Mirror is a British series that analyzes technology in its darkest, most dangerous and human-affected way. The episodes are short, but always go straight to the point, criticizing the overexposure of some subjects just for the bizarre while really important things happen and how the internet and social networks leverage this situation, or a distinct future where technology is present in literally every part everyday life, with very degrading results. Each chapter of the series presents a different story, with a cast and themes completely different from the previous one. It is worth taking a look.

Mr. Robot
The series features the character Elliot Alderson, who works as an expert in a digital security company. Soon he begins to act as a cyber vigilante and is recruited to use his talents in political acts by an anarchist known as “Mr. Robot” and his hacktivist association called fsociety. Thus, Alderson starts to get involved in typical dilemmas when his political vision starts to affect his work.

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