4 music players you should try

This is a feature that any system currently has when it comes out of the box: playing MP3. However, if you only use Windows Media Player, it’s time to find interesting alternatives to the Microsoft factory solution. Lobo below are some different and free programs for those who like to organize music and listen to it in style.

The good old software was born in 1997, equivalent to a million years ago on the internet, and has only improved over time. In addition to the classic interface (which hasn’t changed in these 17 years), Winamp also supports new skins, which can have a modern or old-fashioned look to be changed with a few clicks.

Among the most interesting things in the software are the conversion between different audio formats, support for all formats, including those that use lossless compression, such as FLAC and ALAC, and the possibility of copying files from music CDs to the computer.

Winamp also has limited support for sending music to iOS devices, although Apple tries to remove it with each new operating system update. Maybe you can even put iTunes aside with it, but you can’t be sure.

The number of skins created by users for Winamp is simply immense and they are all available for free, in addition to the MilkDrop views, which are among the best and most psychedelic of any player.

AOL, owner of Winamp, sold it at the end of last year and the software is available for free on the company’s website (www.Winamp.com), but is not currently being updated.

It is recommended for experienced users who do not bother to take the time to configure the program.

Foobar 2000
At first glance, Foobar 2000 is ugly for most eyes, but with time it can look as beautiful as you want. Like Winamp, the initial look is simple, but it is possible to customize its “face” and functions, using an extensive list of plugins available on the website, which give new functions to the program that already runs all music formats.

Above all, Foobar 2000 is lightweight, running even on old computers without crashing. Also remarkable is its equalizer which, although complicated, is super precise, being able to individually control 18 different frequencies.

It is recommended for those who don’t care about a simple look and like complete control over their music. The download can be done at www.foobar2000.org .

Music Bee
This is a complete application for organizing the music library, in addition to the function of simply playing music. Its synchronization with Android and iOS devices is also the best, unless Apple does something that prevents MusicBee from working with these devices.

As usual with specialized music players, it supports all audio formats, from the most popular to the most obscure, in addition to being a good program for listening and finding podcasts

It is not so customizable, but it comes with some skins and shows the various album covers in the library, which makes navigation easier and makes the program more colorful.

It is recommended for iTunes dissidents and users who just want a program to organize and listen to music. The download can be done at getmusicbee.com .

Tomahawk software may not be the best for listening to your MP3 collection peacefully, but what if it could also mix with streaming services?

If you subscribe to Spotify, you can add it to Tomahawk to listen to music by streaming side by side with local MP3s, and you can even set up YouTube to play together.

The application is in version 0.7 beta and is therefore recommended for adventurous users who do not care about any bug that may appear. The download can be done at www.tomahawk-player.org .

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