1st 4K TV made in OLED will cost almost R $ 27 thousand

LG becomes the first company to sell OLED TVs with 4K resolution, as announced this Monday, the 25th. But the devices will not cost little.

There will be two models, one 77 inches and the other 65 “. Prices have not been announced, but the AP says the smallest will cost 12 million won – the equivalent of R $ 26.8 thousand.

4K TVs sold on the market are made in LCD, which makes them cheaper. A model can cost around R $ 7 thousand. By ignoring the price issue, however, LG put televisions with even better image quality on the shelves. OLED deepens color saturation, for example.

Smaller handsets will go on sale this week in South Korea, with deliveries scheduled for September. The next markets to receive them will be Europe and the United States, and the 77 “version will start to be sold at the end of the year.


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