11 tech movies that deserve your attention

Technology has always served as a rich background for Hollywood stories. Of course, not all of them were excellent and many of them took advantage of a time when most were completely ignorant with computers to get away with gross mistakes. But even so, many of them still remain pleasant as they pass.

Check out a series of feature films, classic and modern, with technology as the theme:

Tron (1982)

In the remote past, mankind has already imagined what a world inside computers would be like. In this context, Tron appeared, a film in which a programmer finds himself transported into a digital game in which he needs to win in order to get out. Neon-filled fantasies are a highlight part.

War Games (WarGames, 1983)
The film was made in the middle of the Cold War and portrays the story of a boy who ends up entering the systems of the United States army and accidentally runs a thermonuclear war simulation system thinking it was a computer game. Thanks to this accident, the world is facing the Third World War. It is a little difficult to believe that the American army’s servants would be so unprotected, but the film creates a cool suspense about the possibility of the extinction of the human race.

Hackers (1995)

Watching films from the 1990s on technology always interesting and funny. This film, starring Angelina Jolie before the actress became a Hollywood superstar, a good example of this. Created at a time when the internet was still something of a mystery to almost everyone, it shows the process of hacking a server as if it were a video game, among several basic mistakes. With the time and the expansion of the basic knowledge about computers, the film became so outdated that it ended up becoming a cult classic of the past decade. It is worth taking a look, because at least it did not show who was familiar with computers as “losers”, like many films of the time.

Pirates of Silcio Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley, 1999)
In one of the greatest classics of the 1999 decade, it is possible to understand a little about the birth and historical rivalry between Apple and Microsoft, while presenting the growth and popularization of personal computing as a result of this competition. It is very worthwhile if you are interested in the (slightly romanticized and modified) history of computing.

Matrix (1999)
It was not the first film to show a future where machines rise and dominate humanity, but it managed to do it in a different way, creating an alternative world where humans live in a false reality. There are those who feel it is wrong to escape the horrible reality in which humanity is trapped, while others will struggle to keep the simulation going. He is one of the greatest classics in cinema with all his merits, and you have probably watched this film.

Minority Report (2002)
In this action and suspense film in a futuristic dystopia, crimes are predicted even before they happen. Okay, this scenario still depends on a little “magic” for predicting the future, but it is interesting to observe how the film sees the future and the interaction with computer systems, through gestures. Who knows with technologies like Kinect this day is not close?

The social network (The Social Network, 2010)

A romantic story about the creation of Facebook, the largest social network in the world, which tells the origin of the ideas of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the company, and his entrepreneurial vision, but also shows the dirty part of the business world.

The fifth power (The Fifth State, 2013)
It tells the story of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in his mission to reveal state secrets, such as corruption and hidden truths from the population. The production includes the case of Bradley Manning, a young man who ended up being arrested for revealing classified information about American military actions in the Middle East.

The interns (The Internship, 2013)
What would it be like to work at Google? And what would it be like to get an internship at Google after your 30 years, when nothing else in your life worked? The film, a quiet comedy, tries to answer these questions in a humorous way, always with the search company as a background. It comes to look like a company advertisement at different times, but the film has its good times.

Jobs (2013)

Ashton Kutcher looks a lot like Steve Jobs. Really much. The work, which attempts to portray the trajectory of the founding executive of Apple and his rise to near-god status among the company’s worshipers, has suffered some criticisms (even from the Digital Look), but it portrays some important passages in the life of Jobs and your worldview.

She (2013)
In times of such hard streaks between iOS and Android fans, it is not difficult to find someone capable of saying that he “loves” his operating system. This film takes this to its final consequences, leading the protagonist to fall in love with his new operating system, which is named Samantha. Intelligent, the software starts to have deep discussions with its owner and is always available, always being useful. With the evolution of Siri and Cortana, Apple and Microsoft, respectively, it is not difficult to imagine a future in which this is plausible.

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