Zuckerberg backs up Tim Cook’s accusations and criticizes Apple

Facebook creator and CEO, Mark Zuckeberg did not receive very good statements from Apple CEO Tim Cook. In a recent interview with Time magazine, the executive rejects the notion that whoever accesses the social network is not a customer, but a product, thanks to the business model based on advertising and data collection.

In September, Cook publicly stated about the company’s privacy policy: “When it’s a free online service, you’re not the customer. You are the product ”. The statement was a direct attack on Google, but it also affected those responsible for Facebook. The moment he spoke on the subject, according to reporter Lev Grossman, was the only part of the meeting in which Zuckerberg really showed irritation.

“It is a frustration that I have that more and more people relate an advertising business model to being out of line with their customers. I think it’s a ridiculous concept. Do you think that because you are paying Apple, you are in line with them? If you were, then they would make your products much cheaper! ”, Accuses the founder of the most popular social network in the world.

He also commented on Ello, a social network that gained notoriety some time ago for being “anti-Facebook”, promising never to collect any type of information from the user, never to show advertising and earn money just by selling optional extra features. His approach to the possible practical competitor: such a model cannot grow.

“Our mission is to connect all people in the world. You don’t do that by having a service that people have to pay for, ”says Zuckerberg. When the journalist asks if users no longer pay with their personal information, one of the aides quickly changes the subject.

Via Time.com

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