Xiaomi irks Apple designer “theft” accusations

Jonny Ive, the designer responsible for Apple products, has already made clear what he thinks about Xiaomi, widely accused of copying iPhones, iPads and everything else, calling Chinese competitors “lazy thieves”. The rival, however, did not let herself be beaten and responded with irony to the accusations.

Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi, when asked by the China News Service about the accusations, was calm and polite, but he did not let the opportunity pass by.

“Xiaomi is a very open company, and we will never force anyone to use our products. However, no one can judge our gadgets if he or she has never used them. I would love to give him a Xiaomi phone as a gift, and I look forward to your comments after he uses it, ”said Lin Bin.

Anger directed mainly at Xiaomi until justified. The company has been dubbed the “Apple of China” and its devices are extremely popular in the East, even selling more than Apple’s own products. The products are considered of quality and the price is half of an iPhone.

The new iPhones will arrive in China from October 17th. From now on, it will be possible to see another chapter of the battle of the western giant to be great also in the country.

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