‘X-Files’ series may return

Successful in the 1990s, the science fiction series “The X-Files” can win a continuation. FOX said over the weekend that it is considering reviving the production created by Chris Carter that has influenced an entire generation.

The possible return was anticipated by the high dome of the TV studio. “We are hopeful. It is difficult because the actors are very busy,” explained FOX Televisa vice president Dana Walden and CEO Gary Newman.

On Saturday, actress Gillian Anderson – who played the character Dr. Dana Scully – asked fans to mobilize on social media. The campaign asking for the comeback of the series began on Twitter with posts with the hashtag “XFiles2015”.

The series aired on American television between 1993 and 2002. In the series, two FBI agents investigate unsolved crimes involving paranormal phenomena, the so-called “X-Files”.

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