Without Google links, website audience plummets in Spain

Spanish media companies are experiencing a strong negative impact after Google News was deactivated in the country. The search giant decided to shut down the local service after the passage of a law that requires the payment of fees for citing any piece of copyrighted content.

The rule came into effect recently after pressure from the companies themselves and Google shut down News on Monday, 15. A few hours later, external traffic from the media sites plunged in two digits – on average, somewhere between 10% and 15% according to GigaOM.

Data released by the Chartbeat consultancy, which monitors about 50 sites in Spain – between small and large media companies -, reveal a massive difference between yesterday’s hearings and the day before yesterday.

Despite this, internal traffic has risen, which suggests that Spanish Internet users are circulating between the sites, instead of accessing them through links on Google News.

When the company announced that it would close the product, since it does not make money worth the payment required by law, companies that invested time and influence fighting for the new rule started to fight it. Now they try to pressure the government in the opposite direction.

Something similar happened in Germany, where companies also forced Google to exclude its content and had to go back because of the drop in audience.

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