Watch 15 robot musicians playing the Doctor Who theme

Magic robots are already a reality, strange as it may seem. They have already been used to record entire albums, to make cover versions of well-known songs. Now the BBC, the British TV channel, has decided that it would be a good idea to bring together fifteen music robots to play the theme song for the show Doctor Who.

They are not alone, however. Some humans also assist in conducting the music, but most of the work is robotic. There are a few humanoids playing the theremin, but a good part are just automatic arms keeping pace. There are still printers accompanying the beat and a drone for some reason.

Definitely, the robotic tribute to Doctor Who, a science fiction series created in the 1960s and shown today, seems fair. Some of the protagonist’s most classic enemies have to do with robots, such as the Cybermen and the Daleks, who constantly threaten humanity. Nothing better than showing that robotics can also do something to cheer up and not just destroy.

The event is part of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures program broadcast annually at Christmas time by the BBC in the United Kingdom. Every year the theme of the program changes and this time the broadcast was used to show how robots and motorized devices work and how they can be adapted to jumpstart a technological revolution.

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