Warner announces Batman and Game Of Thrones games for 2015

The Warner Bros games division is developing a series of mobile games based on successful franchises such as Batman, Game of Thrones, Mortal Kombat and DC Comics. The company that announced earlier this year the games Mortal Kombat X and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham now informs that it will release 3 more titles in 2015.

The creation of the Batman and Game of Thrones games is under the responsibility of Turbine, developer of titles like DungeonseDragons and The Lord of the Rings online. In Batman: Arkham Underworld the player must recruit villains like Riddler, Crocodile and Harlequin to rule the city.

Anyone who is eager to know what the game will look like can sign up to check out the test version on this site.

The Game of Thrones game was classified by Warner as “a peak combat strategy game”, but no further information was revealed. OThe aim of the game should be to create an army of soldiers and species to dominate Westeros.

The third title announced by the company was DC Comic Legends, which will be created by the team from So Francisco of the stadium. The game will be a mobile RPG and allow the user to create different teams of heroes and villains to face each other based on the skills of each character.

“The mobile area has been a priority for Warner. We have seen great growth in this market and we hope to increase our participation, applying our best in the development, publishing and marketing for these impressive titles,” explained David Haddad, executive vice president and general manager of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, games division of the stadium.

Via Venture Beatand Videogamer

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