User who leaked photos of Star Wars villain could be fined

Lucasfilm, producer of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ demanded that the photo sharing website ImageShack identify one of its users, accused of uploading an image that reveals details about the new film, which violates the law of Copyright. In the face of the website’s refusal, the fight should reach the courts.

The user identified so far only as “Darth-Simi” revealed one of the villains that should be featured in the plot. In the image it was possible to see a red lightsaber similar to the one shown in the trailer released in November.

ImageShack has already deleted images from the database, but has not revealed user data. According to the website Ars Technica Disney, owner of Lucasfilm, must file an order with a San Francisco court to obtain personal information.

If identified, “Darth-Simi” may have to pay a $ 150,000 fine for copyright infringement.

The JJ Abrams-directed film is expected to hit theaters only in December 2015.

Remember the production trailer:

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