TV maker criticizes trend of curved TVs

If you followed the TV and monitor industry, you may have noticed that the “wave” of the moment is curved screens, and Korean LG and Samsung are leading this market movement. However, many still question the real benefits of the display with such curvature and now Vizio, an American company that has gained notoriety for its flat-screen TVs, has publicly spoken out against this trend.

The company released a fake commercial with a “revolutionary” product: a kind of glasses that could turn any curved TV into a regular flat screen. Of course, this is a joke, but with a clear message: Curved TVs do not offer real benefit, and only serve to convince consumers to pay more, according to Vizio.

Among the not-so-subtle criticisms in the video is the fact that people located diagonally across the TV set fail to have a satisfying experience; only those who are sitting directly in front of the screen can fully enjoy the image. In addition, when hanging a curved TV on the wall, there is an increased risk of bumps on the side, which can cause falls and damage.

At the end of the day, however, there is still an advertisement, which tries to convince the consumer to continue buying flat TVs, so, like all advertising pieces, it is recommended to maintain a certain doubt about what is presented. The video even mentions a phone number that gives a discount coupon on a 4K TV from Vizio, which is obviously not valid in Brazil.

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