Tim still has the best broadband in Brazil, according to Netflix

Netflix released on Monday, the 13th, the monthly ranking of the speed index of broadband operators in Brazil. According to the streaming service, Live TIM continues to lead, with an average speed of 3.39 Mbps – better than seen last month.

Next is GVT, with 3.34 Mbps; NET Virtua, reaching 2.79 Mbps; Algar, with 2.26 Mbps; Oi Velox, reaching 1.63 Mbps; and finally, Telefnica, with 1.67 Mbps.

According to Netflix, all providers showed an improvement compared to August, however, without a “very significant change”. In the USA, Verizon jumped nine positions and now leads the index, with 3.17 Mbps.

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