TIM leads fixed broadband ranking in February

Netflix updated its monthly broadband speed ranking again with the operators that offer the best fixed connection. According to the ranking for the month of January, Live TIM continues to be the best average internet speed, with 3.46 Mbps.

The podium is shared with GVT, with an average of 3.33 Mbps, in the second position and NET Virtua in the third place with an average of 2.91 Mbps.

It is interesting to note, however, that despite the still unfavorable position, NET had the biggest jump in average speed in relation to the previous month among the first three.

Completing the list is Algar, with 2.38 Mbps, Oi Velox, with 1.64 Mbps, and Telefonica Vivo with 1.45 Mbps.


According to Netflix, “faster performance on Netflix generally means better image quality, faster start and less interruptions”.

It is worth noting that the ranking shows the quality of the connection when using Netflix itself. The company is not able to measure the speed of access to other services like YouTube, or Facebook.

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