Technology reads emotions to predict failures in cinema

With the success of streaming and torrents, watching movies in the cinema has become something less common and, consequently, less profitable for the film industry. In addition, a film has always been subject to public approval.

With that in mind, an American company originating from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) created Affectiva, software that reads facial expressions to measure the positive or negative reaction of the viewers.

According to BBC, the technology still has the ability to measure other data, such as even the heartbeat. However, Affectiva’s founders guarantee to use the program only in audiences that have consented to its use.

In the future, software such as Affectiva can serve as a powerful weapon for stadiums, as current practices do not always help in measuring audience approval. With technology, it would be possible to understand scene by scene what goes on in the head of the person watching the film.

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