TAM will offer Wi-Fi to passengers

LATAM group, which controls TAM and LAN, announced today that it will make Wi-Fi available to its passengers during flights. The system will only work inside the aircraft and will allow each person to watch movies and series using their own devices.

To have connected access, you will need to download an application called LAN and TAM Entertainment. When opening the app, users will have access to a portal with options for movies, series, music, news, books and tourist information. A similar service already exists in the United States and Europe, but this is the first time that it is available in South America.

Also this month, the two airlines will start offering YouTube and national channels on the entertainment service. When there is an individual screen, passengers can choose to access up to 120 minutes of videos from the website. The idea is to offer a selection with the most popular shipments. The channel will be updated monthly.

The flight that will inaugurate the wireless service has not yet been defined.

Via The State of So Paulo

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