Star Wars lightsabers inspired Apple Watch feature

The Apple Watch has already been described by the company as “a new chapter in the relationship that people have with technology”. And according to a report in Wired magazine, the iconic Star Wars lightsabers inspired one of the features of the smart watch.

The Apple device has a linear actuator called the “Taptic Engine” whose function is to provide, through specific vibrations, information about the device’s notifications. Each vibration means something different.

However, according to the company’s vice president of technology, Kevin Lynch, creating adequate vibration patterns was a challenge: “Some were too annoying. Some were too subtle; some looked like an insect on their fist,” he said.

To experiment with different tactile notification patterns, the company used recordings of different sounds and turned them into vibrations that the “taptic engine” could perform. Among the sounds used were bells, birds and even the lightsabers of the George Lucas saga.

Apple Star Wars apple watch

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