Sony should release ‘The Interview’ movie on the internet, says website

Sony’s problems continue to escalate. Yesterday the group that hacked the company’s network and has released compromising emails threatened to attack theaters showing the movie “The Interview”, so Sony had to leave exhibitors free to cancel the premiere. So far, two chains have followed the suggestion and others must do the same so as not to compromise the end-of-year movement.

What’s left, Sony, to give up the movie instead or ignore the threats and show it in cinemas that have the courage? Bryan Bishop, from Verge, you think there’s a third way: drop it on the internet.

In a text published on Wednesday, 17, Bishop argues that the only option is to leave Sony in a favorable position, because it can still profit from the film – which, because of this confusion, is in danger of becoming an audience success, even with a script that doesn’t quite suggest it.

Although the authorities have ensured that everything can be nothing more than bravado, it is impossible to ignore the risk that a physical exhibition can cause. And if Sony gives up, it will set a dangerous precedent in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, the solution would be to use channels like Amazon, Crackle and iTunes to put “The Interview” on the air. At the same time that it would be freed from the pressure of a possible attack, the company would still make an interesting test about the distribution formats and find out if it is worth making a virtual debut.

After all, as Bishop points out, the story of a film does not end when it leaves the cinemas. It continues on TV screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

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