Sony launches Internet TV subscription service

Sony has announced the launch of a pay-TV service on the Internet that will feature programs from major North American channels. The new service faces the challenge of competing with popular options such as Netflix.

At first, PlayStation Vue will be available in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia for those with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Later on, it will be compatible with iPad owners.

Sony’s service also includes live programs and costs between US $ 50 and US $ 70 (from R $ 162 to R $ 227), according to the contracted channels.

The launch attempts to embrace a new trend in the United States, which is “cord-cutters” (“cable cutters” in the literal translation) that are abandoning pay-TV operators to embrace only the consumption of television programs through Internet.

By then, Xbox One also gained something similar. The Microsoft console has gained support for the Sling TV application, a similar service that offers Internet TV channels.

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