“Silicon Valley” series returns for season 2 this Sunday

One of the most interesting series for the tech audience is coming back this weekend. HBO’s Silicon Valley will premiere on Sunday, April 12, with an exhibition in Brazil on the same day of release in the United States.

The series follows a group of young people trying to get Pied Piper to take off, a company that stands out for its file compression algorithm. Between one joke and another, they need to find possible investors and overcome Hooli, a mega-corporation that wants to crush competition, obviously inspired by Google.

The series is inspired by the Silicon Valley culture, as its name says, and highlights all of its exaggerations, such as the fact that small companies, which have not even monetized their services, are already evaluated in the billions.

The program mixes a humor that is often absurd and sometimes even offensive to those who are more sensitive, with some clever criticisms of this little world completely outside the reality of large and small technology companies in the region.

For those who want to understand how the Silcio Valley works, it is worth checking out. The program entered the list of Digital Look of technology series that deserve your attention.


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