Sequence of “Avatar” is for 2017

Filmmaker James Cameron confirmed that the release of the next “Avatar” film should be delayed by at least a year. According to the director of the film, the estimate that the production would be finished by 2016 was very ambitious, since the team is working on the next three films in the series simultaneously.

The delays are due to Cameron himself, who took time to deliver the screenplays for the films precisely because of the decision to record all the episodes at once. It is expected to deliver the itineraries until the end of the month.

Launched in 2009, “Avatar” – the first film shown in 3D – was nominated in nine Oscar categories and won three awards, including the best art direction. The production also boasts the highest grossing title in the history of cinema, earning US $ 2.8 billion. The releases of the next films should happen annually.

ViaThe Verge

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