Samsung’s new TVs feature ‘Netflix for games’

Monte Carlo, Mnaco – The new line of TVs from Samsung comes with an improved version of Tizen, which has among its novelties the possibility of playing on the device, without the need for a console, titles such as Pro Evolution Soccer and Street Fighter X Tekken.

The company closed a series of partnerships with game distributors to bring adapted versions of its titles to the operating system. The global scheme, but in Brazil and Mexico a partnership with Playcast makes it not even necessary to download all the games, as in some cases access is done via streaming. “It works very much like Netflix,” he told the Digital Look the marketing manager of the TV area, Tiago Hubner.

“The TV platform is a new media, plus a screen. We have several screens, several game consoles and TV plus one now. For all players it becomes interesting to participate in this new way, in this new way of playing video games ”, commented the executive.

The initial catalog has more than 80 games, most of which are free and the paid ones cost around US $ 3 (R $ 8.60). The amount, according to Hubner, will increase: “The world of games is very dynamic, that’s why you buy the game today and it quickly becomes old. Then new partnerships will be closed and over time we will increase this platform, according to the launches. ”

The market is full of controls compatible with Samsung TVs, because the connection is made via Bluetooth and the signal is open to various options, but it is also possible to play with the Galaxy remote and devices. In the tests of Digital Look the games ran smoothly, with graphics comparable to those on consoles, although they are lighter versions.

These televisions will hit the Brazilian market as of April this year, but anyone who purchased a device in 2014 that is not an entry-level device can update it using a tool called an evolution kit, which costs about R $ 1,200. More than half of the current line-up has this possibility, according to Hubner, and it will be possible to find 40-inch models with the new Tizen from R $ 2 thousand.

The journalist traveled to Monte Carlo at the invitation of Samsung.

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