Samsung TVs are placing ads on users’ videos

The week is strange for Samsung Smart TVs. The latest accusation suffered by the Korean company points out that the brand’s connected televisions are placing advertisements on videos and films owned by the user and stored locally every 20 or 30 minutes.

The problems arise mainly with applications from other companies available for the Samsung ecosystem, such as the Plex. Users who complain talk about a Pepsi ad occupying half the screen, as if it were a pop-up advertisement on TV.

The Australian division of Samsung says that the display of advertising in the middle of the video display was “the result of an error that happened as part of a software update that was not aimed at the Australian market.”

It is important to note this answer, because at no time does the company say that it is not in the plans to interrupt videos with advertisements, they were not only directed to the Australian market. Therefore, the question remains: the tool aimed at which market?

In addition to this new problem, Samsung has also had to “put out a fire”, after starting to circulate the information that its connected televisions are listening to all the conversations that happen nearby.

Via The Verge

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