Rumor: Sony considers selling divisions of TVs and cell phones

If you follow the Digital Look, you should know that Sony faces an old crisis and has not closed a year with profits in a long time. The new chapter of this story came last Tuesday, when a rumor implied that the company is seriously considering getting rid of its most problematic areas, such as mobility, and TVs.

According to Reuters, an undisclosed source claims that “all segments now need to understand that Sony can leave business”, implying that the company is seriously considering divesting areas where profits have been lower or nonexistent.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if that happened. Last year, it sold its VAIO branded PC division, which was also unprofitable. In addition, Sony has also announced employee cuts in the cell phone division (about 1,000 people) and has already taken steps to separate the TV business from the rest of the company.

However, even if the person contacted by the publication is right, it does not mean that a sale will take place in the near future. Large companies, especially in the situation of Sony, usually evaluate various possibilities to improve their business and in bad times, the measures can be drastic.

CEO Kazuo Hirai has already hinted that changes are coming, but without even coming close to touching that he is in a possible interest for sale. During CES he stated: “Electronics in general will remain an important business. But within that, there are some operations that need to be managed carefully, and that could be the case with TV and mobility. ”

Via Reuters

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