Replica of “Back to the Future” sneakers reaches R $ 23 thousand

Nike announced this week that it will finally sell the sneakers worn by the character Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the Future 2”. This is the Nike Air Mag, a shoe with automatic shoes that self-adjust on the foot.

The company said the launch is scheduled for this year, however, it did not specify the date. If you can not stand to wait until then, know that there is a solution, however, somewhat salty. the replica of the model, sold at the American store Flight Club.

The sneakers, which do not have Nike’s smart shoe system, vary between US $ 8,200 (about R $ 21,700) and US $ 9,000 (R $ 23,900) in sizes 11 and 13 , respectively. The pair was sold in a commemorative edition launched by Nike in 2011.

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