“Pixels”: trailer has Adam Sandler with Pac-Man and Donkey

Sony released the first trailer for Pixels, a science fiction comedy directed by Chris Columbus (who has They forgot me and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage. The film is scheduled to premiere on July 23 in Brazil.

In the film, a time capsule sent by NASA to space in 1982, containing important stresses of human culture and civilization, including some arcade games. NASA hopes to establish contact with other forms of life.

However, the aliens interpret those objects as a threat, and decide to destroy the Earth with the same objects contained in the capsule. Sandler plays a talented video game player who is called upon to help combat this threat. See the movie trailer below:

Pac-Man creator Tooru Iwatani also makes a point in the film.

The film was inspired by a 2010 short film directed by Patrick Jean, which can be seen on here.

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