OLED and 4K are LG’s bets for the TV market in 2015

In addition to its new curved cell phone, LG has also strengthened its line of televisions, betting heavily on OLED TVs. There will be 7 launches of new televisions using the technology in the next year ranging between 55 and 77 inches, with alternatives between curved, flat or even flexible screens, which mechanically adjusts between curved and straight formats.

The company said that all of its releases of OLED TVs will have 4K resolution. In fact, the company promises that the UHD resolution will be the focus of its plans for 2015, since 60% of the launches will have resolution support.

The main benefit of OLED is the fact that each pixel on the screen is activated or deactivated individually, unlike the LCD and LED. Thus, televisions are able to offer the most real black color possible, since the pixels are really faded, improving contrast.

LG SmartTVs will also have an important update to the operating system, WebOS, which comes in version 2.0. The highlight is the support for streaming at 4K resolution, which allows Netflix’s seal of recommendation to the company’s televisions.

Household utilities
The company gave great prominence to the home connected at the beginning of the presentation, talking about how it will be possible to give commands to several of its appliances through its smart watch through HomeChat, the platform that the company is developing, which will allow even communicate with your car.

LG has unveiled a new concept of washing machine, which allows you to divide the load of clothes into two different parts of the washer, allowing more efficiency in energy consumption. In addition, there was an improvement in ergonomics with some design changes in the washer.

There was also mention of a clothes dryer with a new heat pump that guarantees less energy consumption.

The company also unveiled a new update to its refrigerator line, with small doors inside the refrigerator. Thus, when opening your refrigerator, there is less loss of cold air, conserving energy.

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