Oculus Rift maker prepares virtual reality movies

Oculus VR announced last Monday, the 26th, the hiring of a virtual reality film production team. Called Oculus Story Studio, the division will develop films for devices like the Oculus Rift.

‘Lost’, a 5-minute short, the first work produced by the team and was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The short directed by Saschka Unseld, who worked in 2013 on the Pixar short ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and tells the story of a giant robotic arm lost from its owner, who goes out to meet him. The film offers those who are watching the possibility of total immersion. It is possible, for example, to stop the story and examine the surrounding environment, interacting with characters and objects.


“We hope that some people in Hollywood will start creating cinematic experiences in virtual reality,” says Iribe. Several Hollywood stadiums have signaled that they would consider jumping into the virtual reality market. Some of them have already started researching the technology. For now, there is nothing concrete.

Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus explains that the idea of ​​creating a division for films came after an exhibition of the virtual reality device to a great Hollywood director. “At one point, he took off the phone and said, ‘Brendan, we should make a movie. How do we do it? ‘. But I didn’t have an answer for him. We don’t really know how to do this. Then we said, ‘Let’s go back and study this and find out how to use Rift for cinema, “he explains.

Last year, the company that was bought by Facebook for $ 2 billion and recruited a group of filmmakers and animators who worked in stadiums like Pixar and Lucasfilm. The goal is to develop films that immerse the viewer entirely in the environment of history and not only offer passive viewing.

Oculus Story Studio plans to release 4 more films in 2015. The short will be shown on a new prototype device that offers integrated headphones and new sensors that more easily control the user’s movements.

Understand the company’s idea:

Via The Verge, Cnet and Forbes

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