Obama promises response to North Korea’s cyber attack

United States President Barack Obama finally spoke on the situation involving North Korea’s cyber attack Sony. The American representative regretted the case and stated categorically: there would be a United States response to the North Korean attack.

He preferred not to go into details about the American plans, but said that “the answer will be proportional” and will be made at a time still unknown, but when it is convenient for the country.

Regarding the censorship suffered by Sony, Obama regretted the decision to cancel the release of the film “The Interview”, a comedy that satirizes the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. According to him, it was a mistake for the stadium to yield pressure.

“We cannot have a society in which a dictator somewhere can begin to impose censorship in the United States. Because if someone is able to intimidate those responsible for a satirical film, imagine what they can start doing if they see a documentary they don’t like, or news they don’t like, “said Obama.

The American president, however, expressed solidarity with Sony’s situation, which suffered many losses from the attack and leaks of confidential information from the company and its employees. He says he understood the decision, but says: “I wish they had talked to me before [de desistir do lanamento]”.

Obama also claims that there is no evidence that North Korea has worked together with another country in the attack. Before confirmation that the communist country had led the attack, there was a suspicion that there was collaboration from the Chinese, but the hypothesis is publicly ruled out.

Regarding cyberwar, Obama says he is working with the private sector to improve the country’s cybersecurity to avoid similar new problems. He also hopes to pass new legislation on the topic that could help the country organize itself against future attacks.

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