New TVs from Samsung will use the Tizen operating system

Samsung’s new SmartTVs will now use the Tizen operating system, software that the company plans to deploy on new smartphones soon. According to the Korean, the change in the operating system makes it easier to connect to other devices.

The TV uses Bluetooth to automatically search for nearby Samsung devices and a more modern Wi-Fi connection system. In addition, they will have integrated access to the PlayStation and Samsung Sports, the company’s sports news service. Media files and data can be sent over the wireless network to the television.

The operating system will accompany new TVs starting this month, but there is no more information on how the changes should work.

According to The Verge, the attempt to unify Samsung’s devices into one operating system. THE

It has long been speculated that Samsung wants to stop being so dependent on Android, from Google, and Tizen is a key software for this strategy. The question remains, however, about when the first smartphone with this operating system will finally be presented.

Via The Verge

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