New search engine finds movies on streaming services

Several analysts note that streaming services are helping to combat piracy by facilitating access to legal content. A new tool wants to contribute to this trend by making available a tool that concentrates the search for films posted on these platforms.

Called JustWatch, the tool was launched at the beginning of the month and is now also available in Brazil. It is connected to the systems of Netflix, iTunes, Crackle, Google Play, PlayStation and Xbox, among others, and helps Internet users to find what they want to watch.

Recent titles such as The Vulture, Lucy and the winner of Oscar Grande Hotel Budapest are on the list that, for now, has more than 4,600 films.

The service was founded in Berlin, Germany, and is still in the process of development. In the future they promise to also have TV series, trailers, ratings and recommendations, more filters, applications for mobile devices, and partnerships with more streaming providers.

The JustWatch idea is the same as Where to Watch, a tool launched by the biggest Hollywood studios that also serves as an online content search engine. The difference is that Where to Watch is only available in the United States, while JustWatch, in less than a month, can now be used in Germany, USA and Brazil (know her).

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