Netflix engineers make service work on NES

Netflix’s proposal will be present on basically any screen you have in your home. With that in mind, the company’s engineers managed to make an adapted version of the service run on the NES, Nintendo’s console launched in 1983, without any modifications.

The joke was played by Netflix employees Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe and Carenina Motion. To achieve the goal, they adapted the application to run on a traditional NES cartridge, including some key tools of the service, such as the selection between films and series, synopses and images.

As an example, the engineers performed the third season of House of Cards, a series that recently debuted on Netflix. It is amazing to see the 8-bit graphics applied to a series that is available to be watched in 4K (if your TV and connection can handle it).

The service version for such an old console came up just for the diversion of employees at Netflix Hack Day, an event in which company engineers come together to develop fun things without the responsibility of turning their ideas into something really practical. Obviously this will never reach the hands of the consumer, even if it would not make any sense.

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