Netflix CEO wants to offer catalog without geographical restrictions

One of the biggest problems for those who use Netflix in Brazil is that the content here is limited when compared to the service in other countries, such as the USA. There, the options are much larger, offering more updated series seasons and newly released movies.

Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO, wants to change that. He spoke on the subject during the service launch in Australia, discussing the fact that many users resort to the use of VPNs, and tools such as Hola Unlocker to access the complete catalog of the site.

Hastings even told the Australian Gizmodo: “The basic solution is for Netflix to become global and make its content the same around the world, so that there is no incentive to use VPN. So we can work on the most important part, which is piracy”. What is problematic about the situation is that this opening depends not only on Netflix, but also on the Hollywood film production stages that control the content and establish different rules for each location on the globe.

Despite the pressure from producers to curb use, Hastings expects the issue of small VPN compared to traditional piracy. He reports that an important piece of piracy is that a fraction of it occurs because users cannot gain access to the content and that this part they can fix. But another part of piracy occurs because users do not want to pay and that is the really difficult part.

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