Music streaming service should be incorporated into iOS

In the not too distant future, you will be able to find a new permanent application on iOS. Apple is planning to transform Beats Music, a music streaming service competing with Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and others, which came as a “gift” along with the acquisition of Beats for about $ 3 billion, into a fixed service for users of iPhones.

According to the Financial Times, the same publication that anticipated the merger this year, this could happen in early 2015, which could give a little boost to the number of subscribers to the service.

It is not clear what would happen to countries, such as Brazil, where Beats Music is not yet available. It would not be surprising if the service had the brand rethought to be part of iOS and have a deeper integration with iTunes, but even so, nothing guarantees that Brazilians have access to the service.

The measure is smart to leverage subscriptions to Beats Music and would not be a novelty for Apple, which has already turned several optional applications downloadable from the App Store into fixed ones of the operating system, such as iBooks and Podcasts. And if you have no interest, just hide it in a folder, along with so many other useless applications that are incorporated into iOS.

Via The Verge and Financial Times

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