Movie “The Interview” reaches over $ 15 million online

The film “The Interview” managed to beat the collection in theaters and reached more than US $ 15 million only in the purchase and online rental of the title last weekend. In theaters, the collection was US $ 2.8 million, in the same period.

However, as the The Verge, only a small portion of independent theaters in the United States and Canada choose to show the film, since with the hacker threat from the Guardies of Peace group, most networks have chosen not to put the film on display.

In an official statement, Sony Pictures says that in the past five days since its release, the film has already taken the top spot in the company’s “online movies” ranking of all time.

The film “The Interview” is available for rent and purchase on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video and since last Sunday (28), also on iTunes, from the Apple Store.

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