Movie that motivated attacks on Sony is the most popular on YouTube

The controversial film “The Interview” is the most popular title on YouTube since it was digitally released on the 24th.

The “Populares on YouTube” ranking, which shows in real time which videos are the most viewed on the Google platform, keeps the film that caused the series of Sony attacks highlighted two days ago.

“The Interview” is also available on Google Play, Xbox Video and a website called It costs $ 6 to rent and $ 15 to buy.

There is still no information on when the film will open in Brazil, but it is not difficult to pirate it. O The Vergepoints out that Sony itself facilitated this by allowing, probably by mistake, the renter to share the movie just by copying its URL and passing it on to others.

In addition, there are several copies running on sharing sites. It is estimated that, in the 24 hours following the official launch, “The Interview” has been downloaded more than 900 thousand times via torrent.

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