LG sells 105 inch curved TV in Brazil for R $ 270 thousand

LG announced on Friday, 20, the sale of two large-screen TVs in Brazil. When we talk big, it’s not an exaggeration, quite the contrary. The 105UC9, which has just hit the market, has a curved screen that boasts a 105-inch diagonal.

Despite the small number, sales are reasons to party. This is because the product is only aimed at those who have a lot of free space in the room and in their pocket. The model is available in Brazil costing R $ 269 thousand, more than a large house in some regions of Brazil.

The TV uses an ultra-wide format, in the 21: 9 ratio, good for consumption of Hollywood films, but which causes problems when consuming content in the 16: 9 ratio, which is the most common for most video production.

The model promises great resolution (5120×2160), concentrating 11 million pixels in the screen area. In addition, there is a powerful sound system with 7.2 channels of 150 watts. The TV is also “smart” and uses the WebOS system, maintained by LG itself.

LG TV Smart TV Curved screen

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