LG reduces price of curved TV from R $ 40 thousand to R $ 10 thousand

Betting on the consumer transition to OLED technology, LG announced that it will reduce the price of one of its models with curved screen from R $ 40 thousand to R $ 10 thousand.

“Our OLED TV is not only proof of LG’s leadership in new technologies, but also proof of how LG gives importance to the Brazilian market, the main reason we are applying the product portfolio and investing in the local production of this technology”, says Rogerio Molina, general manager of televisions at LG Electronics do Brasil.

The device is a Smart TV 55EA9800, which has a thickness of 4mm, weight of 7.5kg, transparent acrylic base, 3D converter, Wi-Fi connection and Smart Magic Remote and Smart TV Cinema 3D technologies.

The manufacturer also states that the TV’s response time is 0.001ms, about 5,000 times faster than a traditional LCD.


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