Late April 1st: Netflix pokes Apple and reveals “Netflix Watch”

April 1 passed, but the spirit of the “zueira without limits” was on Netflix. The company kept a last joke to be released a week later, coinciding with the end of the embargo for the first analyzes of the Apple Watch. Netflix Watch enters.

The device is obviously a smartphone attached to the person’s wrist by means of a bracelet. The company also quotes in the video description: “not only do you have a clean image, streaming quality and your favorite shows and movies, but also not TO inconvenient like that.”

Then the company lists comic situations where you could be watching your favorite shows, such as driving, watching a comedy while a relative cries, or running on the beach. The possibilities are endless.

To complete the joke, Netflix still promises the launch of Netflix Watch Plus, an iPad attached to your wrist. What about?

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