Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ to be transformed into TV series by HBO

One of the greatest works of science fiction literature in history will be transformed into a television series. This is the Fundao trilogy, written between the 1940s and 1950s by Isaac Asimov and which will reach the screens via HBO.

The information was confirmed by several sources TheWrap, according to which the adaptation has been played for months by Jonathan Nolan. He works with HBO in Westworld and had already shown interest in Asimov’s work in an Indiewire interview.

Although it was originally thought of as a trilogy, the history of the Foundation was later transformed into a series with seven books: “Fundao”, “Fundao e Imprio”, “Segunda Fundao”, “Limites da Fundao”, “Fundao e Terra”, ” Preldio Fundao “and” Crnicas da Fundao “.

The main storyline is about how Harry Seldon, an expert in psycho-history (the ability to foresee the paths of humanity through the masses), devised a plan to prevent the population from spending thousands of years under the barren after the fall of the organization it controls the universe.

This is not the first time that there is talk of taking Asimov’s creation to the canvas. In 2009, for example, when Sony Pictures held the rights, Roland Emmerich was even hired to direct and produce the adaptation; two years earlier the stadium had put the project in the hands of Dante Harper and nothing was done. In the middle of the year, when the Foundation became available again, HBO spent a good amount to get the idea across.

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