Hollywood studios launch content search engine to combat piracy

The Motion Picture Association of America, an entity that represents six of the biggest stadiums in Hollywood, created a search engine that links the content sought by the Internet user to legal options. An attempt to show that there are often options beyond piracy.

The site is called Where to Watch(“where to watch”) and indicates, based on the user’s interest, services where it is possible to find what he is looking for. Searches include results from companies like Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, Xbox Video. When it is not possible to find what you want, it is possible to schedule an alert for when the program or movie is available.

For example, when typing “Family Guy”, the service first asks if the search refers to the movie “Family Guy Presents Stewe Griffin: The Untold Story” or the series; the first is available on Amazon on DVD or on Netflix via streaming. The second can be found in a much larger variety that includes physical and virtual stores, in addition to rental companies like Netflix.

The MPAA formed by Disney, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Warner. The organization explains on its website that, for now, Where to Watch is only available in the United States, without giving any indication of a possible international expansion.

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