Hollywood saves Kodak film division

The six biggest Hollywood stadiums have sealed a wake up with Kodak so that the company does not end its film business. The company continues to manufacture film for 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures – both for feature films and television shows.

The deal responds to a campaign started in July 2014, when the stadiums decided to come together to not let Kodak die. Without the company, it would be impossible to run a job on analogue film, since since 2013, when Fujifilm left the market, Kodak has been operating practically alone.

The production costs, whether to shoot in analogue or digital, are practically the same, with the second way offering better possibilities for capturing and editing. What the market discusses, however, is not even which technique overlaps, but the possibility of choice.

Many directors are advocates of analgesics, so much so that titles like the upcoming Star Wars and what will put Batman and Superman to fight for a movie breakout. But there are those who find the modern method more convenient, like Ian Bryce from Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction.

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