Hackers reveal list of 20 Sony releases

And the Sony Pictures attacks don’t stop. After leaking 10 characters to the new Spider-Man and threatening to release the script for the new James Bond, 20 releases for 2016 and 2017 were released.

Among the title names are Angry Birds, Ghostbusters and James Bond himself. Some of the films still do not have an official name and the script is unknown, however, the hackers of the GOP (Guardians of Peace, group responsible for the leaks) guarantee that the list of Sony itself.

Check the list below:


Uncharted (Sony game adaptation)
Sinister (film that refers to the Sinister Sextet, league of 11 villains of Spider-Man)
Ghostbusters (which may also be launched in 2017)
Angry Birds (scheduled for July 1)
Crossover between MIB – Men in Black and Angels of the Law
Greyman (based on the book “The Gray Man”, by Mark Greaney)
Winters Knight
Fith Wave (adaptation of the book “The 5th Wave”, by Rick Yancey)
Inferno (adaptation of the book “Inferno”, by Dan Brown)
Billy Lynn (adaptation of the book “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”, by Ben Fountain)
Baby Driver
Little Woman (remake)


Cleopatra (with Angelina Jolie quoted for the lead role)
Spider man
Django Zorro
New movie in the 007 / James Bond franchise
Monkeys (no published script)
Girl Team Up (no script released)

In addition to the 20 features, an email leaked by hackers reveals possible new sequences for “Millennium – The Men Who Didn’t Love Women”, “Big People”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Salt”, “The Protector” and “The Smurfs”.


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