Gucci and prepare independent smartphone bracelet

The brand Gucci and the musician announced yesterday, at the Baselworld fair, in Switzerland, the development of a new wearable device. Although the details of the product have not been revealed, the former Black Eyed Peas band member has promised an independent smartphone device. Both he and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri were wearing prototype bracelets at the time of the announcement.

According to, the bracelet will be able to make and receive calls, show maps, manage emails and will bring a “sophisticated personal assistant”. In addition, there will be a front camera for video connections, temperature and heart rate sensors and GPS, and the ability to access the 3G network.

The device will be the second wearable technology partnership between the rapper and the brand. Last year, the two parties launched Puls, a smart bracelet that ran its own operating system, worked independently from smartphones and came standard with the Vibe + app, capable of determining the emotional state of the user based on his tone of voice. The device had poor reception among sites specializing in technology such as The Verge, CNet and Mashable.

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